Subscribe to a Calendar


Why subscribe? What are the benefits? Entourage iCal Google Calendar Mobile Devices Outlook 2007

Why subscribe? What are the benefits?

A calendar subscription is dynamic. This means that if it becomes necessary to change the date of an event your calendar will automatically reflect the change. You only have to subscribe once. Once you have subscribed as more events are added to the academic calendar, they will automatically appear on your calendar.

Add a calendar to iCal

  1. In iCal, create a new calendar. Go to File and click New Calendar

  2. A new calendar should pop up on the left. You may have calendars already listed such as Home and Work, the new calendar by default will be named untitled. Name it Academic Calendar.

  3. Go to the Calendar menu and click Subscribe.

  4. A window will come up which has a text field next to the words Subscribe to. Paste the link for the calendar you want to subscribe to in this field:
    Academic Calendar:

  5. You have now setup a calendar.

Add a calendar to Google Calendar

  1. Log in to your Google Calendar account.

  2. On the left side of the screen, in the box labeled Other Calendars, click Add

  3. A menu will pop up with different options. Click on Add by URL.

  4. You will be asked for the address of the calendar. Copy and paste the address of the calendar you want to add into the box and click Add

    Academic Calendar:

  5. You have successfully added a calendar to your Google account

Add a calendar to a mobile device

  1. Add the academic calendar(s) to your Google calendar account as per the instructions above.

  2. Follow the instructions on the Google calendar sync help page for your specific mobile device if using the Google Calendars app.

  3. If using the calendar app on iPhone, first ensure that your UArts email is synced to your device and that calendars is turned on in settings. Your own calendar will automatically import, but to sync a shared calendar such as the Academic Calendar, you must do so on the Google Sync Settings page.

Add a calendar to Outlook 2007

The following instructions are for use with Outlook 2007 running on Windows XP. If you are using a different platform, operating system or calendar you may need to use a slightly different process to subscribe.

  1. With Microsoft Office 2007 open, go to the Tools menu, and click on Account Settings

  2. With the Account Settings window open, you should see seven tabs. By default the window will automatically open to E-mail Click on the table labeled Internet Calendars.

  3. In the Internet Calendars tab you will notice the three tools labeled New, Change, and Remove. Click New

  4. A window titled New Calendar Subscription will open. You will be prompted to add the location of the Internet Calendar you wish to add. Copy and past one of the following links into the location box:

    Academic Calendar:

  5. Click Add

  6. A window will come up giving you options to configure the Internet Calendar Enter a folder name for the calendar you are adding: Academic Calendar.

  7. Click OK
The calendar you added should now appear in the Internet Calendars tab in the Account Settings window. If it appears, you have successfully added the University Academic Calendar. Click Close.

If you are unable to see the calendar immediately, make sure you are in the Calendar function in Outlook. On the left hand side of you screen under All Calendar Items you should see the University calendar under the category Other Calendars Make sure the box next to the calendar is checked.