Attendance Policy

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Starting with the Fall 2017 semester, the Attendance Policy has been revised to include a process for administrative drop & withdrawal for non-attendance. Faculty will be required to record attendance for each class meeting and report to the Office of the Registrar when students do not attend the first two class meetings, or any four consecutive class meetings after the registration period ends. Impacted students will be notified by the Office of the Registrar prior to being removed from the class roster. Students will be provided 2 business days to appeal. The full Administrative Drop / Withdrawal policy is available in the Catalogue.


Detailed instructions coming late June 2017


  1. As a Federal Title IV aid awarding institution, we are required to remove students from courses for non-attendance and return unearned portions of Federal Title IV financial aid.

  2. To comply with this Federal requirement it will be necessary for faculty to begin tracking student attendance. New functionality coming to our self service product during the Fall 2017 semester will add a faculty module that includes attendance tracking. This module will replace MyUArts Record. The new module will also provide an upgraded user interface which is mobile friendly, includes photographic course rosters, grading, and more.
  3. The method by which attendance is tracked during Fall 2017 is at the discretion of each instructor.

  4. Faculty will report to the Office of the Registrar students who fail to comply with the revised attendance policy through the submission of a simple form which will be available on the Forms & Requests page on the portal. This form is currently under development and will be available in late June 2017.

  5. The submission of the Administrative Drop / Withdrawal Form will automatically trigger an email notification to the student. Students will be provided 2 business days to appeal prior to being removed from the course roster.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar ( concerning questions about the policy and the Office of Student Financial Services ( concerning questions about the return of Title IV Funds.