Faculty Advising

Advising Checklist

  1. Download Academic Plans for your students on the 2016 and newer catalogue years to aid in sequencing of coursework
  2. Log in to Self Service and enter the Advising module
  3. Check the Notes tab to see if the student or a past advisor left notes
  4. Check the Timeline tab for planned courses in past terms. Either click the title and choose a future term to move the course forward or remove the course via the small x in the corner. Otherwise, they will show in Progress as planned and may interfere with your advising plans.
  5. View the student's Progress tab before the Course Plan to review program requirements for their catalogue year
  6. Students are instructed to complete their plan before they meet with their advisor. If the student did not complete their plan, add the remaining courses needed. The recommended order below should help students find room in their schedule for electives (and other requirements with more choices) around their specific program requirements that typically have fewer sections available:
    1. major requirements
    2. minor requirements (if applicable)
    3. critical studies requirements
    4. critical studies electives
    5. free electives
  7. Switch from list view to calendar view of the Course Plan to ensure all planned courses actually have sections available for the upcoming term and that these section will all fit into the student's schedule
  8. Approve or deny planned courses in the list view of the Course Plan
  9. Use the Notes tab to leave updates or specific instructions as needed for the student, advisors, directors, or Deans about deviations from an expected plan.
  10. Don't forget to click the Review Complete button when finished to log completion of your advising session! 
  11. Follow up on all of your students' plans once registration is open to ensure that they have completed registration
  12. If there are issues with sections for which the student is unable to register, consult with your Program Director as needed

Student Resources - Student Planning Module

Prior to meeting with your students, you may want to familiarize yourself with instructions and resources that the students are provided about Advising and Registration.

It is important to know that the Student Planning module within Self Service used by Students differs from the Advising module slightly in terms of layout. The student module no longer uses tabs, instead using menus along the top for navigation.

Self Service - Updates & Outages

You can explore new or enhanced features after each upgrade on the Self Service Updates page.

If you encounter a service outage, please submit a ticket via the OTIS Helpdesk. Please note that if you are not on the University network, you must be logged into the VPN to access the Helpdesk ticketing system.


Acessing the Advising Module

  • Bookmark the direct link to Self Service - https://sss.uarts.edu/student
  • Alternately, a link is also available in the Portal. Find Student Self Service under Popular University Applications in the Quicklaunch area. Drag it up to your favorites!

The below videos will walk you through the most common advising tasks in Self Service. For further assistance, you may contact the Office of the Registrar.

    Login & Accessing an Advisee Record


    Adding Courses to a Plan


    Building a Schedule from Planned Courses


    Reviewing a Course Plan