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Assignment of Incomplete Grades

Faculty cannot assign grades of Incomplete. Students must complete an Incomplete Grade Request. The form must be approved by the Dean of the student's college and submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Grades are Immediately Visible to Students upon Submission

Once a grade is recorded for a student via WebAdvisor and the SUBMIT button is clicked, the grade entered will be transcripted and locked. These grades are immediately visible to students through their Portal accounts and locked from future changes. Any students for whom you have not submitted grades will still be available for you to grade online.

Revising Grades

If a grading error is discovered after grades have been submitted or if the need arises to change a grade previously recorded an change of grade form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Change of grade forms require the approval of both the School Director as well as the Dean. Grades cannot be adjusted via WebAdvisor after they have been submitted. The Change of Grade form is submitted electronically from the Portal's Student Forms & Requests. page.

UArts Grade Options

Faculty may record the following grades for a student: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F

Optional Pass/Fail

Faculty may have students enrolled in a course who have been approved to complete the course on an optional pass/fail basis. As per catalogue policy such students are not identified to the faculty member instructing the course. These students are to be evaluated and graded under the same metric as any other student enrolled in the course. Grades for these students will automatically be converted to a Pass or a Fail immediately upon a faculty member submitting their grades.

Pass/Fail Only Courses

Some courses have been approved to award pass/fail grades only. Faculty instructing a pass/fail only course should enter a grade of P or F when submitting grades for these courses.

Withdrawn Students

The grades of student's that have officially withdrawn from a course through the Office of the Registrar will pre-populate on faculty grading screens in WebAdvisor. All other students must be graded.