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The Office of the Registrar provides academic advising support to students and faculty by maintaining academic records on students and programs, by implementing academic policy, by tracking student progress toward graduation, and by providing transcripts, degree audits, and reports as needed.

Immediately upon enrollment, students are assigned a faculty advisor in their program of study and are required to meet with their faculty advisor once each term to receive academic advising. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor, a representative from the Advising Center, or the Office of the Registrar anytime throughout the year when questions arise about enrollment in classes, policies, or procedures or simply for additional advising support.

New for Summer and Fall 2017

  • When preparing your schedule, please review recent course renumbering.
  • Academic Plans are available for students on the 2016 and 2017 catalogue years to aid in sequencing of coursework

Student Planning - Advising

Student Planning helps you to prepare your schedule more effectively by allowing you to plan semesters in advance, to use your specific program requirements to find courses, and to visually choose course sections in a calendar format.

Student Planning - Updates & Issues

As Student Planning is a relatively new tool, it is frequently being updated and improved. To view recent feature updates and bug fixes, please consult the Update Log.

You may still encounter issues that are being addressed. We appreciate your patience! If you encounter an error, please consult the list of Known Issues before contacting The Office of the Registrar.

Acessing the Student Planning Module

  1. Log in to Self Service from
  2. Alternately, a link is also available in the Portal. Find Student Self Service under Popular University Applications in the Quicklaunch area. Drag it up to your favorites!

Building Your Course Plan

Begin adding courses to your plan using the following methods, shown in the video below. The tabs are no longer there, but the pages all have the same names:

  1. My Progress : Click on a specific course in your program requirements.
  2. My Progress : Click on a search icon in a requirement block to view all courses that fulfill that requirement. (Recommended for Liberal Arts Electives) Add courses to plan from here.
  3. Course Catalog : Browse or search for courses directly. Faster access to this page is via the search bar found in the top right on every page. Hit enter in an empty search field to browse.   

Advising/Pre-Registration Checklist

To help ensure you are able to register online without difficulty:

  1. Sign up for an advising session with your faculty advisor. For more information, contact your academic program office.

  2. In the student planning module, review the advising tab in the Plan and Schedule section. Notes may have been added by an advisor for courses which should be completed during the upcoming term.

  3. Update your emergency contact information in Self Service. You must do this before registration if you did not do so in the Fall, so complete this step as soon as possible from the User Options menu.

  4. Build a course plan for the upcoming term. A course plan includes a list of all courses and course sections a student will register during a term. Course plans will be reviewed and approved by your advisor during your advising session. 

  5. Meet with your faculty advisor as soon as possible. Your advisor will review your course plan. Students must meet with an advisor before registering for courses.

  6. Check Student Planning for problems that may prevent you from registering. If you have any holds on your account, taking the time to verify that you have permission to register will allow you time before registration opens to address any restrictions. Notifications appear in the upper right corner of the page:
  7. Check your appointment time. Available in Student Planning prior to registration, your appointment timeis the day and time that you can begin to register for your planned courses.

  8. Refer to the registration section of this website for continued information.

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons may be taken by non music majors for elective credit (1.5 credits, seven hours of instruction per semester). Private lessons carry an additional course fee of $220 for non music majors.

Questions related to private music lessons can be directed to Michelle Wall in the School of Music via email

To Register for a Private Music Lesson:

  1. Review the private music lesson course section listing for available instrumentation and faculty. This listing includes the subject code, course, and section numbers used for registration.
  2. Registering for a private music lesson takes place during the standard registration period and can be done both online or in person. There is a $220 course fee assessed to non music majors registering for private music lessons.
  3. Students should contact the professor directly via email to arrange a meeting time immediately upon registering for a private music lesson. The meeting time and day will be listed on a student's schedule as TBA.