Priority Registration

During the first week of registration enrollment in certain courses is reserved for students within a particular major. Priority for these students ends the first Friday of registration at midnight. After which the remaining seats become available to all other students, who meet the prerequisites. Course descriptions, located in the UArts Course Catalogue list priorities and prerequisites for all courses.

Registration Appointment Dates and Times

Each student is emailed a registration appointment date and time. Appointment dates and times are assigned by class level, determined by the number of credits a student has completed. Courses in progress are not included in this calculation. Students may register online or in person on or after their assigned appointment date and time.

Common Registration Error Messages

  • You do not have advisor approval to register. Please contact your advisor.

    If you have been advised please allow 1-3 business days for your advising form to be processed. If more than 3 business days has passed since your advising session contact your academic department to verify that your form was submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

  • Please contact the Dean of Students to return from your medical leave.

    If you are returning from a medical leave documentation must first be submitted to the Dean of Students and processed by the Office of the Registrar before you will be permitted to register.

  • You must update your addresses and emergency information.

    Students are required update their address each fall before they are permitted to register. Click here for instructions.

  • You have an unpaid bill. Contact Student Financial Services - 215-717-6170.

    Unpaid tuition, fees, and outstanding balances will block a student's eligibility to register. Student Financial Services will end this hold once financial obligations are met.

  • Registration is not currently open.

    See the Academic Calendar for registration dates.