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Priority Registration

During the first week of registration, enrollment in certain courses is reserved for students within a particular major. Priority for these students ends 8 AM the Monday following registration opening, after which the remaining seats become available to all other students who meet the prerequisites. Course descriptions, located in the University Catalogue as well as in Student Planning, list priorities and prerequisites for all courses.

Registration Appointment Dates and Times

Appointment times are assigned by class level, determined by the number of credits a student has completed. Courses in progress are not included in this calculation. Students may register on or after their assigned appointment date and time.

Appointment times are now available to view directly within Student Planning! Advance to the upcoming term in Plan & Schedule:

Student Planning - Registration

Once you have been advised and have your courses for the upcoming semester planned, you will return to Student Planning on or after your appointment time to register for those courses: 

  1. Log into Self Service - Student Planning (bookmark this link!)
  2. Go to Plan & Schedule
  3. To register for all planned coursework (shown in yellow), click the Register Now button in the top right corner.
  4. To register for only some of your planned courses at a time, use the individual Register buttons located in each course box to the left. 

Download Your Schedule

When your schedule is finalized, download to your calendar.

Common Registration Error Messages

If you encounter any issues with Student Planning itself, please consult the list of Known Errors before contacting The Office of the Registrar.

For registration errors, keep an eye on the notifications area in the top right corner of the screen as you register for your courses. See common messages below:
  • "Please contact the Dean of Students to return from your medical leave."

    If you are returning from a medical leave, documentation must first be submitted to the Dean of Students and processed by the Office of the Registrar before you will be permitted to register.

  • "To register, update emergency contacts"

    Students are required update their emergency contact information periodically before they are permitted to register. Click here for instructions.

  • "You have an unpaid bill. Contact Student Financial Services - 215-717-6170." or "You cannot register due to a past due balance. Contact SFS at 215.717.6170"

    Unpaid tuition, fees, and outstanding balances will block a student's eligibility to register. Student Financial Services will end this hold once financial obligations are met.

  • "Registration is not currently open."

    See the Academic Calendar for registration dates.