University of the Sciences Exchange Program

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The University of the Arts and University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) have an exchange program that allows students from both universities to take advantage of their courses and specialized facilities. The agreement allows students from all three colleges to take one course a semester at the University of the Sciences. Paying regular UArts tuition, students may take up to 18 credits of course work at the University of the Sciences over six semesters that appear on a student’s transcript as though the course were taken at UArts. Courses taken at USP receive letter grades and fulfill UArts degree requirements.

The USP courses that are available cover a broad range of subjects – the sciences, foreign languages, the social sciences, history and political sciences, computer science and mathematics, and business and marketing. In addition, exchange students have full access to the library and athletic center.

For more information, visit the USP/UArts exchange program page or contact the Office of the Dean in your college or the Director of your program or school.