Online Registration

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  1. Check that you have permission to register. If there is a reason you are not cleared to register this will provide a details concerning the reason.

  2. From the Students Menu (see login instructions) select either 'Express Registration' or 'Search/Register for Sections'

    • Express Registration: This will allow you to enter specific courses and is particularly useful if you have your advising form or are registering for a specific section of a course. (i.e. LACR 101 01)
    • Search/Register for Sections: This will allow you to search for open sections of particular courses, which you then can select to register for.

  3. After selecting courses by either method, click the Submit button at the bottom right of the screen. At this point you are NOT yet registered for the submitted courses.

  4. After clicking submit you will be taken to the 'Manage Course Sections/Drop Course Sections' screen. The courses that you selected will appear below the 'Sections I'm considering' heading. You MUST select 'Register' from the drop down menu for each of the courses you are adding. Variable credit courses can also be adjusted from this screen. Once you have done this click the Submit button to finalize you registration.

  5. Once you have finalized your registration ALWAYS return to the student menu and check your schedule. This will show you all courses that you are registered for in a given semester. If a course does not show up on this list you are NOT registered for it. Additionally, success first time registrations will be followed by an automatically generated confirmation email.

  6. If you are accessing your record from a public computer click 'Log Out' to prevent unauthorized access to your account.