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A program designed for you with a flexible dynamic curriculum

The first year provides students with the technical, intellectual, and artistic framework they need to embark on more advanced study in the fields of art, media or design. It is designed to accommodate both students who already know what field they wish to study and those who discover their interest over the course of their first year.


You should bring these supplies for the first week of class.

First Semester

The first semester of study is comprised of the following 16.5 creditsComplete your schedule in the Self Service Student Planning tool using the following key as a guide. Please review our Self Service instructions for assistance.

Make your selections in the listed order:

College Core - DRAW 110 (choose section, same # as OBJT/IMAG) or  Video Production - FILM 124 **
College Core - IMAG 101 (choose section, same # as OBJT)
College Core - OBJT 101 (choose section, same # as IMAG)
Liberal Arts (AHST / SIFT) 
Composition - (choose section of assigned course after placement)
Elective - 1.5 credits (during Orientation)

** Students intending to major in either Film + Video or Film + Animation (not Animation) should choose FILM 124. All other students should choose DRAW 110. 

1. College Core

Students complete College Core courses in a cohort and are required to register for the same section of each course, which is a day and time of a courseUse the Register Now button to ensure all three College Core courses are registered at the same time. 

For example:

  • IMAG*101*01 / OBJT*101*01 / DRAW*110*01 
  • or IMAG*101*05 / OBJT*101*05 / DRAW*110*05

Students intending to major in Film + Video who will instead choose a section of FILM*124, which does not need to correspond to their IMAG/OBJT selection. 

For example:

  • IMAG*101*07 / OBJT*101*07 / FILM*124*01 

2. Liberal Arts

Register for one course, taking the following recommendations into consideration:

Recommended Course Intended Program of Study
 AHST 101
   Art History Survey I
Animation, Craft + Material Studies, Game Art, Illustration, Fine Arts, Photography, Photo + Film Media
 AHST 102
   Art History Survey II
Animation, Craft + Material Studies, Game Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Arts, Photography, Photo + Film Media
 Scientific Inquiry Foundation Track
Film + Animation, Film + Video, Industrial Design

* Find SIFT courses in Student Planning by clicking the search icon in SIFT requirement block on the Progress page

3. Composition

Students will choose a section of their assigned course. Writing Placement Exams have been evaluated and notifications were sent to UArts emails on August 22. The placement email lists the appropriate course for registration, but you will also find your placement listed on the Timeline view under Plan & Schedule in the Student Planning tool.

4. Electives

During Orientation, students will have an opportunity to meet with advisors and discuss elective options to complete their schedule.