Drawing: Objects and Space

Who should take Drawing: Objects and Space?

Any student with an interest in drawing may elect to take Drawing: Observation, which will fulfill three elective credits.

Drawing: Observation is a recommended course for students interested in studying animation, graphic design, illustration, and industrial design.

Course Description

DRAW 110 Drawing: Objects and Space 3 Credits

Students explore the visual world around them through numerous processes of perceptual drawing. Form, structure and space are among the drawing elements emphasized in this beginning course as it relates to Art, Film and Design. Emphasis is placed on visual judgment and measurement as student’s progress from understanding two- dimensional surfaces to the analysis of simple geometric objects in a shallow space. As the space and objects increase in complexity, principles of one and two point perspective are examined, and applied to more complex and prolonged drawings of interior and exterior spaces. Historical precedents are discussed, master works analyzed, reading and writing assignments, as well as off campus visits and collaborative projects are assimilated into the flow of class assignments. With these skills and concepts, students examine form, structure and space of various subjects while they improve their perceptual skills, strengthen their visual judgment and begin to define the vocabulary necessary for Art, Film, and Design. This course is open to first semester CAMD Core Studies students and will count toward elective credits, not toward the CAMD Core Studies.