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School of Dance - Welcome, First Year Students!

Curriculum for first year students is carefully planned, ensuring a solid foundation before advancing into the remainder of your coursework.

You will learn the foundations of dance in your freshman and sophomore years through studio practice courses that weave both contemporary and traditional forms of training across the disciplines of ballet, modern, and jazz with a focus on choreography, improvisation, language of dance, and theory.

Registration Instructions

Complete your Spring 2017 schedule in the Self Service Student Planning module using the following key as a guide. Please review our Self Service instructions for assistance.

  •  Pink :  Students will self register over the summer
  •  Blue :  Dance department has registered students in advance
  • Yellow: Students will work with an Advisor in the School of Dance during orientation to register
University Common Curriculum - UACC*101 (choose section)
First Year Writing - FYWT*XXX (choose section)
Ballet - DASP*111
Modern & Jazz Dance - DASP*141
Body Pathways - DACR*175
Improvisation I - DACR*164
Contemporary Art Practices - DACR*150 or Elective
Expanded Fields in Dance & Performance - DACR*161  or Elective

First Semester Curriculum - All Dance Students

University Common Curriculum

All first year students will choose a section of UACC 101 (Creative Practices) from the University Common Curriculum.

First Year Writing

Students are placed into one of the following First Year Writing (FYW) courses: FYWT 009, FYWT 100, FYWT 111. The specific section (day and time) is your choice. 

Your FYW placement is based on standardized test scores and is included in the "First Year Students - Registration is Now Open" email from the Office of the Registrar

**Please note there are many sections of FYWT 111. Be sure to advance the arrows to compare all sections!

First Semester Curriculum - Variations

In addition to the above selections, the following are additional courses taken by first year students:

Contemporary Art Practices (DACR*150)

Some first year students will be registered for DACR*150, a 3 credit course exploring the ever-expanding field of contemporary art to include dance and performance through the lens of practice. Students will learn to look for and recognize shared aesthetic values and relationship within and across varying disciplines. If this course is not on your schedule for the fall, you will take it in the spring semester and add an elective during orientation.

Expanded Fields in Dance & Performance (DACR*161)

Half of new Dance students will be registered for this 1.5 credit course with an emphasis on hand-on media projects that push and pull at the boundaries of how dances get made, where dances happen, and (even) why dance matters in today’s society. Those who are not scheduled for this course in the fall will enroll in the spring semester.


During Orientation, students will meet with an advisor in the School of Dance and have the opportunity to register for optional electives. Those who are not registered for DACR*150 and DACR*161 will be able to add more electives in their place.