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Complete your Spring 2017 schedule in the Self Service Student Planning module using the following key as a guide. Please review our Self Service instructions for assistance.

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First Semester Curriculum

Welcome, new Liberal Arts students! The following 4.5 credits are common to all incoming students in the Division of Liberal Arts in the first semester of study. 

University Common Curriculum - UACC 101
First Year Writing - FYWT 009, 100, or 111

University Common Curriculum

All first year students must take UACC 101 (Creative Practices) from the University Common Curriculum

First Year Writing

Students are placed into one of the following First Year Writing (FYW) courses: FYWT 009, FYWT 100, FYWT 111. The specific section (day and time) is your choice. 

Your FYW placement is based on standardized test scores and is included in the "First Year Students - Registration is Now Open" email from the Office of the Registrar

**Please note there are 17 sections of FYWT 111. Be sure to advance the arrows to compare all sections!

First Semester Curriculum - Creative Writing

In their first year, Creative Writing students acquire a working knowledge of the elements of poetry and short fiction. All first year students take two year-long workshops: Introduction to the Contemporary Poem and Introduction to the Contemporary Short Story. Here, students begin learning to read as writers, to critique material productively, and to practice and hone their writing skills by using as models the significant poetry and story collections of the last fifteen years. 

In their first semester, all Creative Writing students will also take The Writing Life, which explores questions about what it means to be a writer, encourages students to reflect on their own creative processes, and introduces Creative Writing majors to the broader writing community in Philadelphia and at UArts.

First Semester

Below is the first semester curriculum for all new Creative Writing students. By the end of Orientation, your Spring schedule will total 13.5 - 16.5 credits.

 Introduction to Contemporary Poetry I - CRWT*101
 Intro to the Contemporary Short Story I - CRWT*102
 The Writing Life - CRWT*140
 University Common Curriculum - UACC*101 (choose section)
 First Year Writing - FYWT*XXX (choose section of assigned course)
 Electives - (optional 1.5 - 3.0 credits)

First Year Curriculum - Writing for Film + Television

In their first year, Writing for Film + TV students are introduced to the major principles of writing stories for the big, small, and smaller screens: three-act structure, the plotting of dramatic sequences, character development, dramatic conflict, and story setting. They will also participate in hands-on video production projects that will give them a better understanding of how the camera 'sees' what they write.

Upon completion of year one, students will be ready to write more complex scripts in their sophomore writing studio, complete with collaborative workshops and one-on-one story development meetings with the instructor. 

First Semester

Below is the first semester curriculum for all new Writing for Film + Television students. By the end of Orientation, your schedule will total 13.5 - 16.5 credits.

 Introduction to Screenwriting I - WFTV*111
 Storytelling - WFTV*141
 The Art of Cinema - FILM*121 & FILM*121S (choose section) **
 University Common Curriculum - UACC*101 (choose section)
 First Year Writing - FYWT*XXX (choose section of assigned course)
 Electives - (optional 1.5 - 3.0 credits)

**The Art of Cinema has a companion screening course,designated with an S. Be sure to register for both the lecture and screening section!