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What is OnBase?

OnBase is a document-imaging and workflow software that is used to store student, personnel, and curricular documents. Documents are also sent to different University staff for review and approval by way of the workflow. For example, the Office of the Registrar stores digital student records in OnBase and sends those documents via the workflow to Deans and Departments for review and approval when needed.

User Guides


Concern: "An unsupported web browser is detected"

OnBase 17 has expanded browser support from previous versions. See below for the full list of supported browsers. If your preferred browser later updates beyond compatibility, the installation files for the supported version of Firefox ESR are posted on this page, under Quick Links above on the right. For users on University owned Macs, you can install by using the OTIS Self Service app.

  • Chrome 57 or greater
  • Firefox 52 - 57
  • Firefox ESR 52
  • Safari 9.1.0, 10.0.0, or 10.1.0 (not Safari 11)
  • EdgeHTML 14 (limited support)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (limited support)

Concern: You open Workflow or try to view attachments on a document and nothing happens

Your popup blocker must be disabled for OnBase to allow workflow to open and to view attachments on some documents. 

Edit your preferences to allow popups for onbase.uarts.edu (see First Time Users Guide above for Firefox ESR instructions) or watch for popup alerts in the top right corner. You can click these alerts and tell it to always allow for OnBase.

After enabling popups for OnBase, close and try again. 

Concern: Error message appears after using a bookmark to try to enter OnBase

Right click** your bookmark and click "edit" or "properties" (depending on your browser). 

Change the URL from "https://onbase.uarts.edu/AppNet/NavPanel.aspx" and instead paste in "https://onbase.uarts.edu/AppNet/login.aspx

**If you are on a Mac and you haven't configured your right click, hold down the Control key while clicking.

Concern: After logging in, the page does not load completely.

If, after entering your UArts user name and password, you see that only the upper portion of the page has loaded, close completely out of Firefox (step 2 above) and try again.

Conern: "Firefox is damaged and can't be opened"

If you are installing Firefox from the files above on your own Mac (i.e. not owned by the University where you use Self Service to install apps), more recent versions of OSX have default security settings that block installation of apps outside of the App Store. Instead of a helpful error message, it tells you the file is damaged or corrupted.

You can change this setting in your System Preferences under Security & Privacy. In the General tab, change the question Allow apps to download from - to Anywhere.

In even more recent versions of OSX, Anywhere is not an option. However usually after receiving the error message, you can proceed to Security & Privacy as above and it should show the last blocked file and ask if you want to open the app anyway. 

If not, you may need to force the old Anywhere option to reappear. If you are comfortable working in Terminal, check this out. If not, you can contact Rose to perform this step for you or use OnBase in one of the other supported browsers listed above.

Who to contact for help?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

Rosemary Savoia
Records Systems Manager
Office of the Registrar