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What is Onbase?

Onbase is a document-imaging and workflow software that is used to store student, personnel, and curricular documents. Documents are also sent to different University staff for review and approval by way of the Onbase workflow. For example, the Office of the Registrar stores digital student records in Onbase and sends those documents via the Onbase workflow to Deans and Departments for review and approval when needed.

User Guides


Concern: After logging in, the page does not load completely.

If, after entering your UArts user name and password, you see that only the upper portion of the page has loaded, close completely out of Firefox (step 2 above) and try again.

Concern: “File or Directory not Found” error message.

This error will occur if you are working away from school without using Network Connect. The following address will take you to OTIS’ Wiki page about downloading and setting up Network Connect

Concern: How to bookmark Onbase

After logging in to Onbase, go to the Bookmarks menu and click on Add Bookmark. Now, go back to the Bookmarks menu and click Show All Bookmarks. Find the Onbase bookmark in the small window that comes up and remove everything after the ".edu" portion of the URL. If you do not do this, you might see the following error messages: "Your session has expired" or "There was an error while opening this page."

Concern: You do not currently have Firefox version 17 ESR.

Onbase is only compatible with one version of Firefox, version 17ESR. The installation files for Firefox 17 ESR are posted under Quick Links on the right.

Who to contact for help?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

Christy Daly
Records Manager
Office of the Registrar