Enrollment Verification

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Enrollment verification provides information regarding a student's enrollment status (full time/part time), dates of attendance, degrees sought or awarded, and program of study.

This information may be required by the student's lender, insurance carriers, sponsor, et cetera to determine eligibility for loan deferment and continuation of in-school benefits. The Office of the Registrar will verify enrollment for future terms only after the student has registered for classes and has been cleared by Student Financial Services.

Student enrollment is transmitted to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSCH) approximately 3-4 weeks before the start of a term, 3-5 days after the first day of a term, one week after the end of the drop/add period, and then once every 30 days. Schedule changes that alter a student’s enrollment status (full time/part time) will be reflected in accordance with this transmission schedule.

How to Obtain an Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verification can be provided instantly to a student in the form of a downloadable PDF via the NSCH.

  1. Log into the Portal

  1. Click MyUArtsRecord from the Launchpad located on the left of the screen and continue into the Students area.

  1. From the Students Menu, choose the option for Transcript & Enrollment Verification Requests.

  1. On the next page, follow the link to Click here for the NSCH Self_service Portal.

  1. Select an enrollment verification type:

    • Current enrollment

      • Includes enrollment for the current term only

      • Available approximately 20 days prior to the start of a term for students

    • All enrollment

      • Includes enrollment for all terms

      • Enrollment data for an upcoming term is available approximately 20 days prior to the start of the term. Current and previous term enrollment is always available.

    • Advanced registration

      • Advanced registration certificates are available for the fall semester only and can be accessed from late May through early August each year.

      • Advanced registration certificates include coursework for which a student is registered and are provided as a service to students before an official enrollment verification can be generated. Loan servicers, insurance carriers, and other organizations may not accept an advanced registration certificate.

  1. After making your selection, click the link above the buttons to “Obtain an enrollment certificate”.