Non-Matriculated Students

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A student who takes classes in a major department but is not enrolled in a degree program at the University of the Arts.

Non-matriculated status provides opportunity to pursue college-level instruction for those who have earned a high school diploma (or equivalent) or beyond, or for others who receive permission of a department, division, or school to enroll in a specific course. Non-matriculated study is a great way to study with a specific professor, brush up on a topic, or learn something new.

Non-matriculated students may enroll for a maximum of 11.5 credits per semester and may not audit any classes.

In some cases credits earned by non-matriculated students may be used later toward a degree program at the University of the Arts with permission of the department responsible for that program. Non-matriculating students who are simultaneously enrolled, or have plans to enroll at another institution, may be eligible to transfer credits to that institution. Acceptance of those credits for transfer is subject to the approval of the other institution.

To enroll as a non-matriculated student, please contact the Office of the Registrar. Non-matriculated students must request permission from the department chairperson or director for each course in which they wish to enroll. Please be advised that there are no payment plans or financial aid opportunities for non-matriculated students, and access is depended upon published course restrictions, prerequisites and the availability of space in the desired course. Non-matriculated students are otherwise governed by all the rules and regulations that apply to matriculated students, including the submission of official high school or University transcripts, prior to enrollment. Transcripts that are hand-delivered must be received in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution.

Non-Matriculated Student Application