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Document Notarization for Foreign Countries

Current students and alumni pursuing endeavors in foreign countries may be required to obtain an apostille from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on official transcripts and/or diplomas. The Pennsylvania Department of State requires official transcripts or diplomas to be notarized in order to affix an apostille. Please note, electronic transcripts cannot be notarized.

Original diplomas as well as diploma copies may be notarized. If you are unable to access your diploma, please visit our page detailing information on obtaining a replacement diploma. Notarized documents will only be returned to the individual requesting notary service. The requester is responsible for forwarding the documents to the Pennsylvania Department of State to obtain an apostille as per the directions on their website.

The decision to notarize a document is solely at the discretion of the Notary and they reserve the right to refuse to notarize a document for any reason.

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