Readmission to the University

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Written appeal for reinstatement as a degree candidate requires submission of a completed readmission form and a $50.00 readmission fee. Requests for readmission are reviewed and considered by the admitting dean, departmental representative, and appropriate administrative offices and can take up to four weeks for processing. The major department reserves the right to require transcripts, letters of recommendation, an additional portfolio review, or audition.

Credit for courses taken seven or more years prior to the date of readmission will be re-evaluated in conjunction with degree programs currently offered. Academic units may choose not to accept courses regardless of when they were completed for credit toward the degree. Final determination on the readmission application will be made by the dean of the college and the decision applies only to the semester listed on the readmission form. If the student is accepted and does not return for that semester, the student must reapply.

In the event of academic or other dismissal, a readmission application will not be considered until a full academic year has elapsed. Readmitted students will carry the cumulative GPA that was in place at the completion of the last semester attended at UArts. Please also note that previous censure any academic standards committee will apply to a readmitted student.