To best stay on top of your class schedule, you can download your schedule directly to your mobile device calendar or to your Google Apps calendar to then syn with your mobile device! Once your schedule is added, you can set alerts a reminders and even add travel time so you're never late! 

To avoid having to delete existing appointments and start over, wait until your schedule is finalized before downloadingOnce you have registered for your courses, the Save to iCal button will be enabled. 

Option 1: From your mobile device, while viewing the Plan & Schedule page, rotate your phone to landscape to view additional options, including the Save to iCal button. Click this button and continue through the prompts on your mobile device, which many vary by operating system.

Option 2:From your computer, while viewing the Plan & Schedule page, click the Save to iCal button, which exports a file that is compatible with far more than Apple’s iCalendar application - import into one of many applications across operating systems.

1. Google Calendar - Using the drop-down arrow next to Other Calendars, click Import Calendar

2. Outlook - Drag the .ics file into an open calendar window. On a PC, you can also choose Import and Export in Calendars and follow the wizard.