Self Service: Student Planning

What is the Student Planning Module?

The student planning module is a part of the Self Service application that permits a student to view their degree progress, view their current term class schedule, search for courses and course sections, register and drop course sections, view grades, document advising decisions with advisors, and plan all future coursework on a term-by-term basis to facilitate degree completion.

Self Service has thorough built-in resources via the Help menu in the top right corner of the page, but below you will find assistance for the most common tasks in the Student Planning tool.

Accessing Self Service

Log into Self Service at

Self Service - Updates & Outages

You can explore new or enhanced features after each upgrade on the Self Service Updates page.

If you encounter a service outage, please submit a ticket via the OTIS Helpdesk. Please note that if you are not on the University network, you must be logged into the VPN to access the Helpdesk ticketing system.

View Grades

Your grades are visible in the Student Planning module, on your Progress page, on the Timeline tab, found on the Plan & Schedule page...

* Checkmark = not yet graded

... and from the new Grades module that you can enter directly after login to view:

Check Notifications

Keep an eye on the Notifications area - some restrictions will block visibility of grades. The notification will tell you exactly what is needed to make your grades visible. 

Students who are nearing degree completion will be asked to apply for graduation before viewing grades, which can be done very quickly right within Self Service:

Students who haven't submitted their health insurance waiver will also need to do so before viewing grades:

Registration Resources

The below videos offer a walk-through of two different methods of adding courses to your plan. Whether you add a course via the "My Progress" tab or "Course Catalog" tab, the remaining steps are the same:

  1. Click "Add Course to Plan," select a term, and click "Add Course to Plan" again.
  2. View your schedule under "Plan & Schedule."
  3. Click "View Other Sections" for each course box to see how the section offerings fit your existing schedule. Hovering over each section to the left will highlight it on the calendar.
  4. Click the desired section and then the button "Add Section to Schedule"
  5. Click "Register Now" when you are ready to commit to your selections.
  6. When your schedule is finalized, download to your calendar.

Adding Courses via "Course Catalog"

In this video, you will see a section of First Year Writing chosen from the Course Catalog page.

Adding Courses via "My Progress"

In this video, you will see a CAMD School Core course chosen from the "My Progress" page. Additionally, an Art History course is chosen from "Course Catalog" to demonstrate comparing sections and registering for multiple courses at the same time in "Plan & Schedule."