Student Planning: Known Issues and Work-Arounds

Student Planning is a relatively new application that is being continuously updated and improved. At this time, you may encounter an issue for which solutions are either known or still in progress. 

Below is a list of known issues. If you encounter a problem not listed below, please contact the Office of the Registrar using this form.

  • Advising Module: After clicking on a Student's name, you encounter a blank block. 

    Clear your browser's cache (or try another browser if you are in a hurry). After clearing your cache, log out and log back in. You should not have to restart your browser.

  • Attempting to register, you receive an error about the number of credits: 

    The course section has been updated by the department and the credits are now different from when you originally added it to your plan. Remove the course section from your plan, add it back to your plan, and try to register again.

  • Course Substitutions and Program requirements that require a course to be completed more than once. 

    Some courses are not falling into the correct block on Progress tab. Solutions are being tested, but if you are unsure whether a requirement has been met due to confusion in this display, please defer to your Degree Audit and report any discrepancies. Continue to build your course plan and register, discrepancies will be corrected as soon as possible.

  • Invalid username or password:
    This message can indicate a server error. If you are certain that you are entering the correct username and password, please contact The Office of the Registrar to report the problem.

  • "Register" buttons are grey and disabled

    Check the top right corner of the screen for messages. Typically, the button is disabled when there is a Student Financial Services hold on your account, which cannot be overridden by the Office of the Registrar. You must contact SFS to remove the hold from your account to proceed with registration.

  • You are not authorized to view the requested page:
    Contact the Office of the Registrar to have the necessary permission assigned to your account.

  • Errors including: unable to load advisees, unable to load course plan, or unable to load course catalogue.
    Your session may have timed out. First try logging out and logging back into the module. If you still receive the message, report the problem to The Office of the Registrar.

  • Cannot change a planned course between Approved and Denied or from Protected to Unprotected in Advising Module (may include message "Plan Protections Were Not Changed") 

    Refresh your browser (F5 or Command+R). You will remain logged in and the buttons should now work.