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Student Email

For security and privacy reasons, the Office of the Registrar can offer in depth support to student inquiries received from student UArts email accounts, only limited and general policy information can be shared with inquiries received from non-UArts email accounts. For this reason, students are expected and encouraged to use their UArts email account for all UArts business. Students are responsible for regularly reading and responding to email sent by University faculty, staff, and administration to the student's UArts email account.

Resources Provided by the Office of the Registrar

University Catalogue

The course catalogue is published each year by the end of August ahead of the arrival of new students on campus. The catalogue can be accessed at

Students are responsible for observing all regulations in the UArts Course Catalogue. The Catalogue includes information concerning the University administration and mission, academic policy, admissions policy, course details, financial aid, program requirements, information technology policy, and tuition and fees. The Office of the Registrar staff can assist students in understanding and navigating the policies and procedures documented within the catalogue.

Self Service - Student Planning

The Student Planning tool within Self Service is the hub for course offerings and registration. Self Service allows you to do the following:

MyUArts Record

MyUArts Record is a self-service webtool accessed via the UArts Portal from the "Launchpad" sidebar. 

Many services formerly found in MyUArts Record have been moved into Student Self Service as new features are added. MyUArts Record currently continues to provide student access to: