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New and returning students will be required to complete an annual online check-in process prior to the start of the Spring semester. Students will be asked to review and when necessary update their anticipated graduation date, parent and emergency contact information, residency status, and mailing addresses.

Students will have restricted access to their MyUArts record account until completing the check-in process.

How do I initiate the check-in process?

To initiate the check-in process:

  1. Log in to the UArts Portal
  2. Click the MyUArts Record link located on the top-left of the portal under the Popular University Applications heading
  3. Click Students on the left of the MyUArts Record page.
  4. Click Student Check-in

What information will I be asked to update during the check-in process?

Once the check-in process is initiated students must complete the four following forms to regain full access to their MyUArts Record account:

  • Anticipated Graduation Date (AGD): The University confers degrees in May, August, and December each year. The anticipated graduation date is the date a student anticipates they will complete their degree. It is important a student accurately maintains their anticipated graduation date to ensure timely reception of graduation related communications. An inaccurate AGD can trigger early repayment of student loans if it is before a student will complete degree requirements. Selecting an inaccurate future AGD will not delay repayment on student loans, which is otherwise triggered by a student being reported as withdrawn or graduated.
  • Parent & Emergency Contact Information: A student can maintain one primary emergency contact and multiple secondary emergency contacts from this form. Students should also maintain parent data using this form.
  • Residency Status: Federal reporting requirements require the University to report a student’s residency status. Students should select the option that reflects their housing arrangement while classes are in session.
  • Address Update: Review and update if necessary permanent, billing, and temporary addresses. It is only necessary to include a billing address if it is different than a student’s permanent address.

What happens if I do not check-in?

A student trying to access their “MyUArts Record” will be directed through the check-in process prior to receiving access to their MyUArts Record. This means a student will not have the ability to view or change their schedule, access grades, request enrollment verifications, or any other of the services offered through “MyUArts Record.” Completion of the check-in process will immediately restore full access to a student’s account.